I have not fallen off the face of the earth, lost all sense of taste, or quit cooking.

Here are the real reasons why I’ve taken a breather from the blog:

I’ve been…

  • Looking for jobs, starting two. One is at a test kitchen and the other is at a French restaurant downtown.  I’m so thankful for these jobs and the diverse experience they offer!
  • On a budget. Especially after a couple months of job-searching, the sky is not the limit in the grocery store. This has meant a few not-so-blog-worthy meals for me, but it has also forced me to be more strategic than ever…good for the creative juices.  And I now love lentils.
  • Cooking at night. Because of a different schedule, it’s a challenge sometimes to cook in the daylight hours (best for photos).  Any tips for getting around this one?

BUT  I have also been…

  • Making a few videos. Thanks to some amazing, talented guys, you can expect to see some short cooking videos soon.
  • Gearing up for a new site. Tweaked look, better organization.
  • Checking out some restaurants. Instead of just making my own stuff, I’ve started exploring the great food scene here in the Twin Cities…and want to post about it here from time to time. Have any favorite spots or know of a hidden gem? I’d love to hear!

And I am still cooking.  Really.  (Proof below).

Have a great Friday!  See you soon…




(top: parmesan polenta, below: whole wheat couscous with roasted vegetables and ham; oatmeal with apple compote; brown rice with lentils, naturally glazed carrots, and dill sauce; pork roast with herb crust and jus)