Thanks to the help of some VERY talented friends, I have a new site and a few how-to videos.  Brenden Greenwood designed the new site and logo.  Tristan Carnahan of Sulva Productions shot and edited the videos (with the aid of cameramen Andrew Laparra and Stefan Green). You should check out their sites.

You should also check out the new kitchen!  From now on I’ll be posting at

Here’s one of the videos.  It shows how I make pie crusts (as taught by my grandmother the pie queen)…and a link to therecipe.  Please note a couple things I forgot to explain: 1) you can patch the pie crust if it breaks by dipping your fingers in some water and squishing excess dough onto the problem area, and 2) you’ll need to poke little holes in the top crust once the pie is assembled so it won’t blow up like a balloon. A fork or knife will do.